Operation Flashpoint



Hi to all,

i’ve heard about a new copy-protection (FADE?) coming with this game.
Is this true? Does anybody know something about it?



As far now there is no fade copy protection active,but you can use the search option to find more info there have beeing poststings about this subject before on this forum.


the first time I copied the game all went well.

The game started normally BUT at the menu screen all the buttons were there but the text on it dissapeared??

I could click on them but then I get an other menu with buttons also with no text.

But after a long search to find the right button to start the game it worked, but trough out the game I can never see text.

strange isn’t it


Snowie you made a copy of the orgiginal or from the deviance iso??


It was the original one

I hired it from the library


So there might be a FADE protection :slight_smile:
Kewl! that’s a nice protection for library copieers… …not fore groups like Deviance :slight_smile:
Thought it would be a real joke from the developers of da game…


Hi guys, as far as i know and according the Devience’ own NFO that comes along with their ISO release of this they state that the FADE prot is bul#s@it!

Hope this helps.