Operation Flashpoint?



weet iemand misschein waar ik dit spel kan downloaden ??


misschien op fxp?
daar heb ik m ook vandaan…


FTP is de naam.
Verder schijnt het dat het de beta is die nu rondcirculeert door het crimineele circuit. Codemasters zegt dat vrijdag het spel in de winkels ligt, dus dan zal de cd wel worden geript en op Inet worden gezet. effe geduld tot vrijdagavond/zaterdag.


zoals je weet komen de spellen in amerika iets sneller uit dus in no time staan ze al op de servers…
ik heb meestal 1 of 2 maanden de spellen al als het hier nog moet uit komen dus…by the way ik heb de full iso dus…


³ ³
³ Operation Flashpoint © Codemasters ³
³ ³
³ Cracker…: Team Deviance ³ RAR Count …: [33 x 15mb] ³
³ Date…: June, 2001 ³ Protection…: Cdilla 2 ³
³Requirements: W9x, P2 233, 64MB RAM, P2 400 , 128MB RAM recommended ³


                     ** Release Information ** 

Operation Flashpoint 1985: Cold war crisis a new action game by the
Czech developers Bohemia Interactive Studios that is developed since
1997. The game is categorized as a squad-based First Person Shooter,
combines the action of Delta Force and Project I.G.I. and the tactics
in the squad-based games like Tribes and the Rainbow Six series with
an advanced gameplay engine.

The game has various gameplay options: playing as a simple infantry
soldier, the player can use anything he finds, including cars
(including the historical Aston Martin), jeeps, tanks, airplanes,
helicopters and in general over 30 different vehicles that are
possible in the game., to use certain weapons from different kinds,
starting a simple assault rifle and on to a 0.50 Gun, silenced sniper
rifles, anti-tank weapons, grenades and other detonators and weapons.
He can plan it himself and decide what will each soldier do. The
affect of the players action, as aforesaid, the development of the
plot and can change it from one side to the other.

Operation flashpoint is using a new graphic engine that was developed
especially for it. The engine represents a high level of technology
that was never seen before, neither on tactical action games nor other
genres, and that will supply to the gamer a very realistic experience.
The 3d engine is designed to make the loading of large and complex
horizons and a large amount of rich and smooth textures, all in
minimum time and with support in Direct 3D and Glide technology. Also,
the engine is allowing quick load and smooth load of huge terrains and
very detailed models, dynamic shadows and lighting, textures in high
resolution, dynamic weather and time effects, realistic explosions and
smoke effect, realistic animation and more. The real-time weather and
time system allows simulation of wind, rain, fog, clouds, day-time,
sunset, dawn and other very realistic situation, all these in realtime
and during gameplay. The game's LOD (Level of Detail) is resulted with
dynamic details with the movement of the view, and creates realistic
graphics. The Motion Capture technology is being used to create a
realistic as possible movement of the characters in the game.

The game is divided to 30 different missions; each is focusing on a
different area and different phase in the game with a different goal.
Each phase in the game is designed and planned to fit according to the
era and the atmosphere, and was mapped according to maps and documents
from the cold war. In single player the player will start as a simple
private that will be given orders and will climb up the ranks ladder
until he will have his own squad and the possibility to give commands
to AI soldiers.

There are five maps, 3 islands where the single player campaign is
taking place, an intro island and a training island. With the very
easy interface of the built-in mission editor you can create custom
missions that will fit your own imagination and will, and with the
"triggers" system you can create endless number of situations and
scenarios from a global war to a tank race. The units are divided into
different classes of troops; each unit got it favorite assignment and
weapon. Except the simple infantry soldiers, there are also anti-tank
troops, anti-air troops, grenadiers, medics, officers, snipers,
saboteurs, pilots, gunners, miners and more. All those create whole
squads that the player can command or be a part of, and use the skills
he had acquired to complete the mission.

Convoys of jeep and tanks will enter and exit the base, helicopters
and airplanes will land and liftoff, and boats will sail away. The
assignments of the soldiers and being assigned by the units'
commanders and their actions are being planned according to their

Install Notes:

Unrar, burn, install (we removed the serial checks so enter any number
you like), copy the crack from the /crack dir on the CD to your 
installdir overwriting the original .exe .

Additional note: while we tested we found no trace of the 'fabulous'
'FADE protection' - so we can only assume for now that the press releases 
about it were just the usual company bullshit.


Originally posted by esdee
zoals je weet komen de spellen in amerika iets sneller uit dus in no time staan ze al op de servers…
ik heb meestal 1 of 2 maanden de spellen al als het hier nog moet uit komen dus…by the way ik heb de full iso dus…

die is dus waarschijnlijk een beetje verkeerd.l Het zijn enkel geruchten, maar misschien zijn ze waar.
Iemand zei bijv. dat hij iets moest verdedigen, maar dat ding is al under fire als hij net begint. Een tank geloof ik dat erop los schoot. Dat zijn dus kleine foutjes, of misschien wel die fake protection. wie weet.


yow, deze versie is waarschijnlijk de persversie, die is vorige vrijdag verdeeld, op een paar na die hadden ze vroeger. In Amerika wordt dit spel nu eens niet eerder gereleased. De 1e release is dus in Europa nu vrijdag. Maar het kan dus wel al de full iso zijn.



jip ik heb deze iso al gedownload en hij werkt echt perfect ik vind dat er niet echt fouten inzitten hoor


It seems some people think our release of OPERATION FLASHPOINT is not
FINAL. Well it is FINAL. In fact we had the BETA version severak days
before we obtained the FINAL. Its also the FINAL as it has SafeDisc on it
and is a SILVER cd. The beta is GOLD disks and has no iso protection.
So, ours is FINAL, nuff said!