Operation Falshpoint

Hi guys !
I have a quick question. Anybody tried to make a copy of it. Clony says that it’s protected by SafeDisk 2. But the manual says it has some other protection called FADE. So I am just wondering who is right and if it is possible to copy it without any problems.

PS: So far, as I played the game, I found many annoying bugs that developers say might be the tricks of the copy protection. But I think they say it only because the game is full of insects (bugs) and they just want to cover it with FADE. :wink:

Almost forgot. Does anybody uses rounded cables for CD-ROMs, DVDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs? And if yes what cables do you use (ATA 66)

I successfully copied it with CloneCD, have heard nothing reliable about the FADE protection!


I heard some things on this FADE protection… It’s supposed to disable key elements in the game so as a result it will not be playable after a certain time. Here’s some more info:

FADE to Deter Pirates
F.A.D.E. copy protection cracked?

I have copied this without probs,just tick (Fast Error Skip) works fine and the fade thing is just bull my copy is still going fine.
As for round cables i’m using em they are backward compatable with ATA 33/66/100 work a treat,got mine from…

The newest Flashpoint patch is said to enable FADE.

Don’t install it then,i aint and my copies r fine :smiley:

Operation Flashpoint uses safedisk2.
it says on the box and in the manual that it also has Fade protection.

safedisk2 copy protected games have 2 .tmp files on the disk.

   00000001.tmp and 00000002.tmp

most safedisk2 copy protected games create a file in the C:/windows/temp/ directory that looks like this:


the numbers in the file differ from game to game.

this is how i usually can tell a game uses safedisk2 protection, i find that safedisk2 protected games only create this file.

Fade on the other hand i don’t know to much about.
just know that it degrades the game until u can’t play it anymore.(game fades away)