Operating system/systems



So what do you use…for an OS…(I would have made a poll but felt I’d leave one out…)

more than one?


Windows XP Professional for desktop PCs running on Pentium 4, Athlon, etc., Windows 98 for desktop PCs running on Celeron 466MHz and such, Linux for servers, Windows XP Home for notebooks.


UNIX, WIndows 2000 Server, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT4, DOS…

Other major programs:
Exhange server, SQL server, IIS, OWA, SUS, RIS

cant remember anything else right now…


win xp pro and suse 9.1 pro


xp pro for laptop xp for desktop


FreeBSD on my home desktop. Windows XP Pro/SP2 for laptop #1, OSX (Panther) on laptop #2.

OpenBSD on the firewall/router.

Windows 2000/DOS 5.0 at work.


Win98. :rolleyes:


I run XP on my primary desktop and in dual boot mode on my laptop (on my desktop because my RAID controller doesn’t work with another OS and on my laptop I didn’t even care to install drivers in XP). Furthermore I run a server with Gentoo Linux and a Win2k virtual machine on it. My laptop also has Gentoo installed. My other desktop system runs Ubuntu Linux.

And I have some old computer left (getting rid of them now, but 1) all running Linux.


Windows 2000 Server for the … server (duh)
Windows 2000 Professional for the other workstation, also Mandrake 10 on there
Windows XP for the main machine, Mandrake 10 also on it

In addition, i have a Windows 98 VMWare machine on my Windows XP machine


Dualboot 1: Windows XP & Mandrake 10.1
Dualboot 2: Windows 98 SE & Feather Linux 0.7.1


System #1 (Alpha65536, my desktop at school)

  • WinXP Pro SP1 (will upgrade to SP2 when I’m not so lazy)
  • Virtual PC installed, with these images: DOS 6.22 / WFW 3.11, Win98SE, and Mandrake Linux (soon to be changed to Slackware Linux)

System #2 (Beta65536, my laptop; with me at all times)

  • WinXP Pro SP1 (will upgrade to SP2 when I’m not so lazy)

System #3 (Gamma65536, my server) (aren’t I creative with names? :p)

  • OS X 10.3 (it’s a very old machine; doesn’t even have a keyboard or monitor, so I’m using the OS solely for its BSD-ish Unix; access and control of the machine is done remotely from one of my other machines via SSH)

System #4 (Jupiter, my desktop at home)

  • WinXP Pro SP2


WinXP Pro SP2 on my 3 systems and Linux on my asus router :stuck_out_tongue:


WinXP Pro SP2


WinXP Pro Corporate


Windows Mobile 2003 Pro, 1st Ed. :stuck_out_tongue:

5 x Windows XP Pro SP2
1 x Win2000 Pro
1 x Win98 (my 4 yrs old)
1 x Win Server 2003


wheres Delta in that list?

any way I’m using XP Pro SP2 on one harddrive…and Linuix Linspire 4.5 on the other…


Windows 98 (for old apps)
Windows XP (Hmmm…)
Windows 2000 server fam (Just as a server)
OS X (Super OS!)


Win Xp Pro Sp2


xpeeee pro sp2


Is that the smelly yellow version? :smiley: