Operating system advise please

Maybe you knowledgeable guys can give me some advise.
My home pc is basically for the kids, they have about 30 games, disney stuff etc.
About a year ago it had a major crash,so instead of windows mE I installed XP.
Everything fine untill I tried to install the games for them,90% didn’t run with windows XP, so I decided to revert back to ME.
I had totally forgot how bugged and downright annoying ME was until I reinstalled it.
Is windows 2000 newer ?? and less irratating than ME or is there not much in it?
And will I need to update all my drivers if I change?
Thanks for any help :confused:

Windows ME is the upgrade to Windows 98. Windows 2000 is the uprade to Windows NT 4. Windows XP is the upgrade to both (there is also a new Windows 2003 made only for servers).

You have the same (or more) issues with games on Windows 2000. Windows XP has a feature to allow it to ‘emulate’ Windows 98 or 95 so most games will work. My son has been using XP for two years without a rebuild. I used to rebuild every 6 months with 98.

So what do you suggest?
I tried the XP emulation and it didn’t work.
Is windows 2000 FAT file, same as ME?

It would be easier to find a solution if you could name some of the games.

disneys paint studio, disney toy story art, 3 little pigs, about 80% of them mate.
Rang helpline and was told they won’t run on XP.

If they don’t work with XP, the most likely won’t work with 2000. 2000 is more like Windows NT.

I’d say stick with Windows 98SE if XP does not work.

Windows 2000 can use FAT or NTFS.

How do they not work? I seen games that report there isn’t enough HDD space left when there is plenty. An issue with running off ntfs when they are designed for FAT.

2000 and XP can both be installed with FAT.

Can you remember any problems or error messages with they non-working games?

Some games weren;t created to run on NT 5.1 (AKA XP) some may have patches, but to avoid headaces and confusion for that many games - I would run 98 or ME since DOS is completely different from NT. Unfortunatly windows XP & 2000’s DOS emulation isn’t good (2000/NT 5.0 is worse than XP/NT 5.1 hence why they released ME instead of the original plan to release 2000 Home).

That’s my personal advice take it or leave it, you can run a Windows DOS based emulator but that is going to suck. Both 2k and XP do not run well on FAT32 (the HDD will get all fragmented) and it won’t run those games anyway - since it is still using the NT Kernel and NOT DOS (different o/s altogether).

Thanks for all the advice guys.
Think I’ll stick to the ropey ME to keep the kids happy.
Can’t remember the full error, but something like this:
System32 error, windows cannot run this type of application.
Funnily enough I got it on this computer last week which is running XP when I tried to load my Epson R200 software.
Epson insisted it was an operating system error, Dell agreed and said it was caused by windows update pack 2 and I had to re-install windows XP.
Give me X-box or ps2 any day less hassle.