Operating question

I have a number of vhs mini-cassette family videos make with an older JVC GR-S55 compact camera. Can I copy a few of these to a single DVD in one recording session by stopping the DVD recording, changing the VHS cassette and then starting the DVD recording again?
The manual is unclear in this area.:confused:

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Do you have the model number for the DVD recording device?

Thanks Eric93se

The machine I have is the Panasonic DMR-EZ48V. I understand the only difference between the “V” and the “VK” is that the ‘K’ indicates that the unit is black. However, mine is black anyway.

Have you consulted the manual? You can get it HERE

You basically want to do whats on page 54 I believe.

Really, I want to do what’s on pg. 49. The manual says that I can start recording VHS to DVD [U]without finalizing[/U] by pressing “PLAY”. It also says that 'copying will automatically stop when the tape reaches the end or when the disc is full. What I want to know is, when the recording stops when the tape reaches the end, (I’m talking about VHS tapes of about 20 minutes), can I then take out the VHS tape and put in another and continue recording in order to fill up the disc – and what button do I push? Also, if I can continue recording and when the disc is full, can I then finalize the disc? The manual is [U]not[/U] specific about this.

So, at the end on pg 54, it says “To skip unwanted parts
Press [pause button] to pause recording. (Press again to restart recording.)” So, they aren’t specific that you would be pausing the DVD or the VHS cassette, but its a note that seems to be for both (because its below that dark line?). So It would seem at the end of your movie, hit the pause button that should pause the recording, then get another one of your movies in there ready to go and start the recording again. You might want to first get all the tapes prepared first so that they start right where you want to begin recording (to minimize goofing around time :smiley: ).

If anything a little trial and error is in order, hopefully you got your blank dvd’s on sale :wink:

I think as long as you pause the recording that is what stops.
There is probably a time limit on the pause but it should be long enough to change the tape.I think you can even reveiw the tape while the recording unit is paused.
What you don’t want to do is stop the DVD disc.If you do it will write to the disc.
Then you will have a menu selection for that part.Just like if you recorded an hour TV show.
I haven’t done this with mini VHS tapes but it worked for some full size VHS I did.I also used a different brand DVD recorder.

Thanks to you both, eric93se & cholla for your input. :bow: . Definitely a little trial & error is in order. I will work with the ‘pause’ button - I may end up with a few ‘drink coasters’ but we’ll win in the end…:clap: