Opera vs firefox?

I used to use opera way back when (ver 6 or something like that I think), but it got so buggy and crash prone, that I changed to firefox. I have been using it for a while, but it seems to have gotten slow and takes massive amounts of cpu power and memory (even on an e6300 with nothing else substantial running).
Does any one have any ideas on whats causing the high cpu/mem usage with firefox or have any opinions on opera (I used opera for wuite a while but quit when the new versions got unstable a while back)? Any thoughts on how the latest versions compare? Opera seems to be much quicker at first look.

On a side note, internet exploder is just as bad (speed wise at least) as firefox, if there might be any quorilation.

Ah, Opera is too pushy. It nearly forces you to use their crappy Bit torrent feature. Opera if I remember right, takes up more CPU then Firefox, but just by a hair. I would just revert to the version that worked best for you.

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I find FF ( is fine on CPU usage but damn it likes RAM :wink:

I’ve read that memory use is a big target for improvement in FF 3.0 when it is released. So the issue has been noted and is being worked on.

Haven’t used Opera since I built a new rig, but the last version I used was slightly faster than either FF or IE7. I was just so used to FF, and I had all my extensions set just the way I liked them, that I couldn’t find sufficient reason to switch. From what I’ve heard, Opera still has slightly more problems rendering some websites than IE…but that may be due to sloppy programmers at those sites, rather than anything inherently wrong with Opera.

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Opera is full browser suite, like IE7. :iagree:
Firefox isn’t. :disagree:
Most folk who use FF, still have to fall back on the likes of IE7 or Opera at some point. :doh:
So use whatever, just don’t believe you are the only one to get it right. :clap:
It’s being different that keeps it competitive. :bigsmile:

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FF 3 so far is close to being a total washout. While it might be early days, it is power consumption gone mad.
If this is the fututre, no wonder they’re turning out quadcore CPU’s. :Z

opera kicks the ass of every browsers in every term



http://secunia.com/product/10615/?task=advisories vs

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Despite my Avatar. I use Opera & IE7 equally.
FF is definitely losing out of late. :iagree:

IE7 for me, I still use XP Pro and it works great. Maxathon is the only browser I like other than IE7.:iagree: FF and Opera have their fans but I would not use them.:disagree:

I didn’t get the impression that anyone here thinks that. People are just posting what they use. :slight_smile:

I do use IE on occasion (certain CDF front page tasks require the use of it).

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Reducing memory usage - Firefox


Browser usage

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“opera vs firefox?”

ill take Firefox as i use it 24/7 as my main browser i rarely if ever use IE anymore… cause one of the main reasons i like firefox is cause of the extentions.

as for IE … i dont like IE7’s interface (IE6 was MUCH better if you ask me) even though the overall browser got better in terms of functionality (tabs etc etc) so the gap between IE and Firefox is alot closer now than it was in the Firefox vs IE6 days.

bottom line i choose Firefox over all other browsers… my only real complaint about firefox is it’s RAM usage as it can get rather high at times but then again if you got a pc with 512MB (which pretty much everyone should have at minimum nowadays if they want a fairly quick pc) it should not be a problem… so those who complain it’s to slow etc that only have say 256MB of ram… there aint much you can really do cause 256MB of ram generally means a fairly slow pc to begin with.

p.s. i tried opera a couple times over the years but i never really liked i never cared to much for it’s interface even though it’s overall speed is nice… plus it has to much crap with it the last i checked… i just want a browser.

I have 1 gig in each of my computers but I have seen firefox take 300-400 meg of memory before (and 30-50% cpu usage on a e6300). I figured that there had to be something wrong but I havent figured out what. I just started running opera on this computer the other day, and right now, its taking about 90 meg of memory and less than 10% cpu, even when reloading pages, opening new windows etc. (I did get it to momentarilly spike up to 18%). I just opened a firefox window to compare on the same computer (I restored a previous session that had a couple of tabs open), and its taking 131 meg to start with, and cpu spiked up to between 30 and 52% (it taking as much as 6% cpu, just sitting there with nothing changing). Just clicking the windows tab on the bottom to bring the fire fox window to the top made it spike up to 32% cpu for a moment (doing the same with opera took 2% cpu).

I like the firefox interface (have been using it for a couple of years), but unless I can figure out the problem (could something else be causeing firefox to take so much power and or slow it down), then I really have no choice? I’ll have to leave an opera window open for a few days (or weeks), using it ocationally to see if it starts using more resources or if if it stays low?

firefox has had a memory leak problem for a long time…why they dont fix i have no idea…but been using opera for a long time and it works great…faster and more secure than any other browser

I kind of figured it might be something like that. Opening a window with a few tabs right now is only using 130 meg of memory, but I have seen windows that have been open fo a while (days, maybe even weeks) take 300-400 meg.

I personally use Fx, since i love it’s non-cluttered minimalistic interface and configurability. I have the utmost respect for Opera for using such little RAM and CPU cycles and while still being a complete suite rather than just a browser like Fx. However, i have a couple of times tried to get into Opera, but just couldn’t afterall, since i found the UI to be cluttered and unorganised and generally to have to many annoying buttons and such which takes to much screen-estate away from the actual webpages. Also, i only need a browser as i personally am very content with Thunderbird and uTorrent. Also, maybe i’m just very stupid, but where is there a button for going to the start page ??? I use a Celeron 1.7Ghz with 256MB ram(and where 32MB of those is shared with the on-board graphics chip) and i have just tested how much RAM Fx uses on my machine while having 3 tabs open and the result was 40MB and i have done no tuning whatsoever to Fx. However, i don’t go crazy with extensions either and just use whatever i can’t really live without and which is : ‘IE Tab’ so that i can click on a button and get a page reloaded into a new Fx tab while being rendered with the IE core renderer, so to e.g. visit Windows Update or see other IE only pages in Fx and then Adblock Plus for hiding adds and then finally Download Statusbar for hiding that annoying download manager pop-up dialog during downloads and instead just get the download process shown as a little graphical diagram on the statusbar.

Just my 2 cents, though…

Opera is fine, if you know how to configure it. So is IE7. IE7 is my main browser with Opera as my backup. Not much use for Firefox although I have it installed.