Opera Next v. 22

I’m having a small problem with the forum.
Even when I have been viewing a thread for longer than 10 seconds.
For me usually quite a bit longer.
Whether I select “New Posts” or Quick Links/Today’s Posts I get the “10 second” message almost every time.

I get that a lot too.

Can you explain a bit more and/or provide screenshots, I really want to fix it, but at it’s current stage I don’t understand what the issue is (sorry :wink: )

All of the sudden it is working correctly.
I’m sure it will probably start again.
This is what happens & it is only sometimes.
I will logon to the forum & select Quick Links/Today’s Posts.
Then the Wait 10 seconds warning will appear.
Other times I will read a thread & maybe post or not.
Then select Quick Links/Today’s Posts & get the same warning .
The same happens with New Posts.
It is a random problem so I think it will be hard to find.

This is the message but I had to purposely trigger it this time:

I have gotten that message a lot also

We’ve fiddled around with some things, I hope things are better now.

So far it is working fine today .
If it starts again I will report it.

[QUOTE=DoMiN8ToR;2728764]We’ve fiddled around with some things, I hope things are better now.[/QUOTE]
Looks good, although I’ve not noticed teh problem b4. Wanted to play smart & type out, as the answer (to using Opera :)):


Hihi. ;-$

P.S. ^^ With: