Opera 50 for Android makes it easy to enable or disable ad blocker per website


Originally published at: https://www.myce.com/news/opera-50-for-android-makes-it-easy-to-enable-or-disable-ad-blocker-per-website-86199/

Opera has launched version 50 of its browser for Android with several new features. One of them allows users to quickly turn the built-in ad blocker on or off. The browser also comes with an improved cookie warning dialog blocker. This feature tries to get rid of the large number of cookie-dialogs users see when browsing the web.


It’s already pretty easy to whitelist websites with Firefox if you use uBlock Origin. You can also add filters like I Don’t Care About Cookies, or Fanboy’s Cookie List to get rid of annoying cookie warnings. There are also plenty of filters for getting rid of annoying elements, too. Just go to this website, and search for annoy. Done.