Opera 5.0 now free

I just posted the article Opera 5.0 now free.

Submitted by: Mith
Source: http://www.opera.com

Just in case anybody cares, Opera 5.0 is out. It’s free to use and you receive ads, otherwise you can register and not get the ads.


Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1031-Opera-5_0-now-free.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1031-Opera-5_0-now-free.html)

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its quite slick, but with the ads i wouldnt bother. ie5 is almost as slick

keygen for Opera v.4 works on v.5 as well…

Yeah, if you have Opera 4 regged you’re all set.

Also, the search field is nice… Very “netscapish” and the ICQ compatibility is interesting.

More to the point, Opera is capable of downloading a lot of files at the same time, and its got resume capability. Also the mdi shell of Opera combined with the fact that its faster than ie5 makes it the best browser for speed surfing.

Opera is the fastest most configurable browser out today.

where can i get the keygen?

opera kg’s:

this software really is a must… get it now!

yes guys, sorry but this is one ESSENTIAL PIECE OF SOFTWARE. It is so smooth and slick, the best browser out there with all the best functions. Wish you could use something but IE but nothing else seems to be as good? then this is the IDEAL solution… I promise it is 100 times better!

Heh, I’ts the fastest brouwser in the world!