Opening BIN images? please help



Sorry for posting this in here, i know i normally post about DVD’s but im looking for help. Recently i got a new phone Samsung D408 slider and every time i take pics and send them to my email it saves them in a .bin file. I cant view them on my computer when i save them, and some of them are irreplaceable photos. Does anyone know what i can do to view these? i already tried WINISO and it was poo thanks a lot…

and if you ask since i saw this question alot with this problem, no i dont wanna burn them as a iso or a cue on a disc with nero. I wanna open it in something like adobe or WMV… thanks


Get clonedvd virtual drive and mount it then open it with what you want and then save it to the format you want.


convert them to an ISO then use winiso to extract it!zip


thanks guys, will do that…