Opening .avi file problem

First off I belong to a pay .avi download site.
I have a problem opening programs or just the file containing .avi files. Everytime I open it, it crashes no matter what .avi file it is. It then wants to send an error report to microsoft ?? I never had this problem with my other computer which had Windows XP Home. This computer has Windows XP Home with Media Center 2005. I can play the .avi with VLC media player only if I open the player first then get the .avi file, if I go to the file first it crashes I don’t get it ??? I have an amd 64 2.4 gig 2 MB Ram X1950 Radeon Video card 256 MB ram. Even when I try to convert the .avi file to DVD as soon as the .avi file is opened it crashes???

Thank you

Have you installed some codecs or some softwares recently?

No I haven’t, this has been going on from the begining. I only use it for gaming and converting movies. The only software I have installed are games. I have even restored the original software with a complete hard drive format.

Go to folder options and re-set the file type association to the program you want to use. Preferably one that doesn’t crash.

I downloaded the new version of VLC media player and associated all media files to the player and the crashes have stopped

thanks for the help

Ive got the exact same problem.