Opening a Vaio desktop case

does anyone remember how to open a Vaio desktop case to exchange dvd drives? :rolleyes: I have a RX580 I’m bringing out of retirement and of course getting to the drives is a well kept secret. I remember removing the top of the case I think but that memory on how is long gone and I can find no info on how to. I read one article that mentioned the drive enclosure swung out but if so, I don’t see a lever or release. Anyone got some info. Sure would appreciate.
Would like to commend your site for all the help and informative articles. Have been reading it lots on ripping and burning. Good job guys

hi and Welcome![QUOTE=whichnwhy;2214145]does anyone remember how to open a Vaio desktop case to exchange dvd drives?[/QUOTE]Sony does :slight_smile:
Get the reference manual (and if you like, other documentation) from


Same old, same old as far as I can see. Beyond removing the one side panel I don’t see where it covers any information in regards to accessing the cd or dvd drives. Appreciate your answer though. Any other suggestions.

resolved. After days of googling, I hit the right button and got the answer. Thanks people

how did you end up getting the cd drive out?

i have a similar model and all i managed to do was pull off one side panel and the top, and crack the other side panel

is there a tab to pull somewhere inside the case?