Opening a HUGE can-o-worms

I need some input. I sell a product online… no I am not doing this for hits or sales… I need others opinions. I have been selling this online for a couple of years now and for some reason it just isn’t selling that much. It does work… really it does. It is great stuff but I am guessing people doen’t beleive it. The site URL is in my signature. I didn’t post it in the message because I don’t want to be concidered spamming. So if you could give my your opinion on why you would or would not buy this I would VERY MUCH appreciate it.

Thanks all. :confused:

Edit by G@M3FR3@K: removed the signature link. Advertising is not allowed, even if you’re not doing it directly. I will send you a PM.

You have to pay me to check out that link.

So you’re saying putting the ad in the sig instead of the post will grant you immunity from the advertisement rule. But isn’t that like saying you won’t get charged for murder 'cause you hired somebody else to do the dirty work? I mean, technically, you didn’t kill anybody, right?

I’d say that looking at the method of applying the goop, that you’ve used some sort of copolymer similar to hair-spray or art-type fixative to fill scratches. you’ve probably watered it down with something (isopropyl alcohol, perhaps?) to slow it’s drying time down so it can be applied more easily and still fill the scratches with something similar to the original CD material.

It probably works, though I have never tried it, and I’ve no idea of the lasting effectiveness of such an added plastic that could over a time period simply fall out. The idea had come to me before about adding a foreign plastic cover coat to scratched CD’s, and this appears to fill that market.

I would tone down the “It really works!” style telemarketing approach and go truthful about it, and even apply for a patent on the stuff you’ve mixed together here. The rest is profiteering in a increasingly cynical world…

It’s the quotes like, “Improves clarity.” And, “Intensifies sound.” that turns me off immediately. Makes me wanna ask if it’ll do my dishes and give me a foot massage too?

Well the problem is there are many other products like this already…

Since you wanted opinions. Don’t advertise but post information that might be helpful to some bodies. You have to know how to do it if you really sell some things.

Maybe we or other sites could do a review on it, so more people will know about it…

There are products out there like yours, but there is a somewhat newer one here in the us (don’t know if it is international) called the skip doctor, game doctor, ect… It is great for taking scratches out of cd’s, but as for something you apply to a cd, you should try to get a patent and then get the stuff tested to see how well\long it will work…competiton is feirce nowadays