Opening a downloaded movie file

I am trying to open movies that I have downloaded as files on my PC. (I am capable of opening them into Real Player, or Windows Media player and watch them just fine.) My problem is I want to burn them to DVD’s. Well the program I have been using Cyberlink, takes HOURS…literally 3-5 hrs to burn 1 DVD. So a friend suggest I get a DVD decrypter and try opening it up in that and go from there and burn it to dvd with DVD Shrink. Well the DVD decrypter or the dvd shrink. Will NOT open any of my movie files. I’m hoping someone can tell me what I’m doing wrong? When I locate the movie file, and click on it to open it in either decrypter or shrink, it gives me an error message that says that it’s an invalid filename. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

It is probably an avi file. Try using DVDFlick (free ) to transcode and burn it to DVD. It will still take over an hour.

Transcoding times depend on length of the video, speed of the conversion program and speed of your computer (mostly the cpu), so exact times are hard to predict.

If you need it in dvd-video format, DVDFlick as Pernundel suggested, is one option. A couple other free ones are FAVC and AVStoDVD.

Try Total Video Converter for transcode to DVDE, is quicker than DVDFlick and nice results.

What movies are they?

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There’s nothing to confirm these files are illegally-distributed, so let’s continue.

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