Opengl/direct3d problems in WinXP



I built a new machine with winXP Pro and I cannot get any application that uses direct3d or opengl to function. Here’s the basic hardware in the system:

Soyo Dragon P4X400 Lite Motherboard
2.4Gh 533Mh FSB P4
PC2700 K-byte 512megs DDR ram
Asus V9280/TD Ti4200 8x AGP

I’ve reinstalled the most recent drivers for everything: VIA 4in1, Asus graphics Drivers, Nvidia reference drivers, DirectX9a, and the mothberboard BIOS. No matter what I do, I can’t get any games to run. Right when they hit a point where they run in opengl or dirct3d, the system completely locks up. During the dxdiag tests, directdraw runs fine, but the direct3d only runs successfully in DX7 interfaces. During the DX8 and 9 interfaces, I see a couple frames, then they freeze for about 15 seconds until the box for the next test pops up. The only game I currently have installed is half-life with a couple MODs, and as soon as I enter console it freezes.

These forums are great, I’ve solved a lot of problems I’ve had by searching here. Thanks, to all the people that help out on these boards. This is the first time I’ve actually had to post here since everything else is usually already answered. :wink:


don’t know if this has anything to do with it but worked for my friend.
does your Soyo Dragon P4X400 Lite Motherboard have a CMI8738 onboard soundcard?
my friend has the same motherboard and had the exact same problem.
we disabled his onboard soundcard in the bios and that fixed the lockups he had with his games.
only thing was he had to buy a new soundcard, but his comp. works perfect now.
we thought it was his videocard causing the lockups but it wasn’t.
this might help you but it might have nothing to do with your problem, just thought i’d mention it though.
best thing to do is check on Soyo’s web site for technical support, thats how we found out that my friends soundcard was the problem all along.


Onboard audio sucks anyway, just go to and get a soundblaster live 5.1 for 35 bucks.

Also you might want to check your temps in your case, especially if its a new rig

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Hello! I just upgraded from XP home to pro, and had the same problem. All the progs and games that worked yesterday are balking now, and dxdiag says i have no sound card or direct3D anymore. I upped the DirectX to 9.0, but still nada. Same advice?
Thanks, and hi again…


Hi, I would do a clean reinstall of Windows. I hope you did not install over your original XP Home installation as that would cause problems. You need to reinstall the appropriate drivers for your video card and sound card after a clean reinstall of Windows.