Opened DVD Player to Clean lens – Now I don’t know where this part goes!


I was having problem reading disks (it was just not playing and sum times if it plays it was freezing) and so I decided to clean the lens myself…. Well, I have successfully cleaned the lens but this part came off by itself and don’t know where it goes! (It was not on screw).

Please see the photo and try to guide me where it fits…
DVD Player: Sony NS76H

PS: I always clean/maintain all my electronic and I am no novice BUT as this part came off by itself, I missed to see where it was from…

Its gotta go on one of the sides, did you check that the same part isn’t on the opposite side. The jaw opened part probably faces forward, I guess you just gotta play with it to see where it would pop into. there are two holes in the plastic piece, they probably correspond to two pins some where on the drive.