Open Source Search (Newbie ?)



When you load a DVD into any DVDFab product it conducts a search for “Open Source,” if I remember it correctly. What is the purpose of the search, what exactly is it looking for? Is Big Brother watching, LOL?



It is not searching for an open source, it is opening the Source material.


So when you mean it is “opening the source material,” is it getting the material from the internet or from the software/DVD itself? If a computer does not have internet connection will this interfere with the software working properly.


“Opening source material” means that the software is opening the contents on the original disc (i.e. from the source disc) :slight_smile:


Source with a capital S means the Source selection controls in the DVDFab main window. As Geno said it is opening the Source DVD.


Thanks guys, I was just worried because my other computer is not connected to the internet and I was afraid it would not work.