Open sessions and Batchdisk



Hello there!

I am a new registered user, but I read the forums from time to time to find answers for my questions. I find the board very useful. Here`s my problem:

I have some CD-Rs, which have an open session after "Fixation errors" using Nero Burning Rom (Im sorry I cannot provide accurate logs). I opened them with ISO-Buster and succesfully extracted the information. But I want to close the sessions and use the CDs normally. Thats why I referred to finalize.exe from the Batchdisk tools. Here is an error log:

Usage: finalize [/NOEJECT] [/BEEP] [/NOCONFIRM]

Detailed information with: finalize /?
<hit any key to continue>

Searching for CD/DVD devices in the system...
Found CD/DVD device 'TEAC    ' - 'CD-W548E        ' - '1.05'
Found CD/DVD device 'ATAPI-CD' - 'ROM-DRIVE-52MAX ' - '52CA'
Found CD/DVD device 'Generic ' - 'STEALTH DVD     ' - '    '
Finalize is probing SCSI address 1:0:0:0 for CD/DVD recorder device... OK!
Finalize has found CD/DVD device 'TEAC    ' - 'CD-W548E        ' - '1.05'
please hit ENTER for beginning now the finalizing process, or break with Ctrl-C:

Testing unit ready...
found an incomplete session; trying now to close it
Finalize is closing the last session and opening a new one

CloseSession() failed, exception 8, status 31, text 'CRecDev_ScsiTransportASPI::
ExecuteCDB(): Command failed!!!'
Exiting with failure code 524319

Here`s my PC configuration:
Windows XP SP1
TEAC CD-W5489 (48x-12x-48x)
AMD AthlonXP 1500+
256 RAM

My ASPI drivers are up to date. I tried with ASAPI drivers but no success at all. And I sent a message to the mail at the batchdisk site about the “failure code”, but unfortunately there was no reply.

Thanks in advance!


I have exactly the same problem. The surprising this is that even though some of the CDs have open sessions, my Cd-player can play them but not my computer, I have to use ISOBuster as the parent said.
Has anybody found any solutions yet?