Open Session CD now shows 648MB free and no files! Uh...Help!

Again… Help!

System: Samsung SW-206 4x2x24 CDRW
Mustang 534G Mobo
Cyrix 300 M II
128 MB Ram
WD 13.6 HD

1. Using DirectCD 2.5d formatted and then used drag-n-drop to copy the
important files to CD. Standard duty … copy files from “D” drive to one
CD, “E” drive to another, etc. Left each session “open” since there was
still quite a bit of space left on each CD.

2. Next day formatted my Hard drive, repartitioned, formatted, and

reinstalled Win98SE.

3.  During the install I installed the CDRW software (Direct CD, etc.)

and read from the “D” drive CDR that I had made to get to my “DRIVERS”
directory where I had all the latest drivers for my hardware. Everything
worked fine.

4.  Spent the next several hours runnign through the upgrades process -

downloading files from MS to make sure I had all the updated dll’s and
versions running. After finally completing that I went to start restoring
the Data.

5.  HERE IS WHERE THE HELP COMES IN!  The "D" CDR read BLANK.  So looked

at the other CDR’s - of the 4 CDR’s that I burnt last night only one still
showed any data. Tried the DirectCD Scandisk program but it just said the
CD bas blank. Downloaded and ran the CDR DIAGNOSTICS program from CDR
Productions software which shows there are CD tracks used but that no Data
is present.

6. Went to Adaptec site and made sure I had the latest ASPI info... updated but still no go.

7.  Finally in desperation I disabled my primary drive so that the slave was seen as the boot drive... installed W95 bare and the DirectCD/UDF software .. still no help!
  1. My last idea is to find a sector editor for CD’s. Norton Utilities doesn’t see the CD so I am looking for something along that idea.

  2. Anyone have any suggetions for what to try next?

  3. Any ideas, suggestions, listings of crematoriums, etc greatly appreciated.!

Henry P. Schupp

I wish I could provide a more comprehensive response. But all I can suggest for now is the program IsoBuster – extremely useful overall, and includes a sector viewer/extractor. You might also try Cdrwin for this purpose. You may have to experiment a bit in order to produce a working copy from the extracted image, and the disc will likely be unworkable under DirectCD. Just make sure you have a udf reader installed so you can view it.

PS: If you happen to produce a copy onto which you can drag-and-drop, and you don’t mind, reply here with the exact settings and program you used to do so.