Open season

just received open season region 1 a new sony title and it is like saw 3
clonedvd2 and anydvd won’t even scan the disc,
I think James will have a lot to do with these new protections
Hope he can solve these quickly though :clap:

Did you send/will send .ifo’s to Slysoft for James to look at?

Here’s how

no cause I am not sure how to do this

Laumon -

The below Forum posting details how to send the necessary .IFO file to SlySoft for analysts ->


ok thanks I will take a look

I just finished backing-up Open Season, there are three or four titles near the end of the list using “Clone DVD” that will have to be Un-Checked. I did not try “Copy DVD Titles”, nor have I tried to play the Back-Up yet. But it is doing like “Saw III” and you can not do a straight “Clone DVD”.

yes I tried this and it worked fine

I cant get this movie to back up…I only have Shrink and AnyDVD…help.

It most likely won’t work with Shrink yet.

It should work with Anydvd and Slysoft products (Clonedvd2 and Clonecd). It may also work with Nero Recode.

I don’t think Shrink is being up-dated anymore, their best bet is to try the 21 day trial of CloneDVD and go with it. I have not even tried to use Shrink in several months now.

Laumon, download the latest version of ANyDVD

Worked for me.

ricker6869 ,
You are correct as it will not work w/ Shrink if you only use AnyDVD. It is the bogus cells that is stopping it plus the ifo’s are screwed up. You need to use another different ripper and it will work as I have done it that way. Just finished doing it w/ AnyDVD and Clone w/ no problems.

I will have to get CLone…is it user friendly?

ricker6869 -

Suggest visiting SlySoft ( and download the latest version of CloneDVD.

Below is the AnyDVD/CloneDVD User Tutorial that provides detailed information on the use of the AnyDVD/CloneDVD software program combination ->


Here’s a Guide. I think so.

BeLooken beat me by seconds :stuck_out_tongue:

clone is very very user friendly

ricker6869 ,
If you want to do the movie using Shrink you can do it BUT you have to do it a little differently.

CloneDVD is very user friendly. Try the trial version first using the Guide that rolling56 pointed you to. It will cost you nothing

I’m sure AnyDVD will eventually update to work ith DVD Shrink on the newer titles, but for now you can either try the CloneDVD that they are trying to tell you to get , OR you can just get free DVDFab and free RipIt4Me to use with DVDShrink as an additional tool until AnyDVD updates again.

I love my AnyDVD, but it doesn’t hurt to have these extra rippng alternatives, especially considering they are free… :wink:

I do believe I mentioned this a week ago -

Maybe Slysoft can order in the DVD and get AnyDVD working. Meanwhile, if you search the forums, you will find alternative solutions which can work now with DVD Shrink and shrinking programs other than CloneDVD.

And please do not blame DVD Shrink for a bad rip. For example, I suppose it wouldn’t load in DVD Rebuilder or Ner0 Recode either. It is not these programs’ fault that the input is corrupt. That blame rests on the ripper.