Open Season info



Just inform that with the help of AnyDvD, VobBlanker & DvD Shrink 3.2 I was able to backup Open Season with no problems.

Sorry if this was the wrong place to post this. Just want to spread the word


Can you explain what you did to copy it or referal me to a page that has the info.




I just burned a copy and watched it all the way through…

I used the RipIt4Me program to Rip and DVDShrink to Burn. RipIt4Me uses DVDDecrypter, FixVTS, and DVDShrink to perform the rip.

I ran an analysis using DVDInfoPro and it was 96% quality on RITEK 05 DVD-R.

I instructed RipIt4Me (via preferences) to exclude the FBI warnings, and to copy only the Movie. Everything else was left at the default settings.

Hope this helps,