Open recordnow then close open nero then burn = works



anyone explain why does this work please ? :iagree:


Is there a law that disalow launching a burning app, then another ?


Many people have found that Nero and RecordNow do not coexist peacefully on their comps. Perhaps you’re in that category.

A year ago I installed Nero and it quickly fooked burning with RecordNow 4.5, TMPGEnc DVD Author, VCDEasy, and occasionally interfered even with DVDDecrypter. So I just used Nero. Recently I got rid of Nero and installed RecordNow 7.2. RN works fine, and the other burning apps work now as well.

That was my solution, one or the other. Someone will probably post he/she has both and no problems. More power to 'em. :stuck_out_tongue:


i have both nero and veritas recordnow dx 4.60 on 4 systems…with no problems :wink:


I think he is saying that to get nero to work properly he has to first open rnm then close it. Could it be something to do with the aspi layer? does rnm use it’s own? is this overriding nero’s aspi, hence making nero burn correctly?


Over the years I have used a bazillion versions of Nero Burning ROM and it has never intefered with Stomp RecordNow MAX 4.5. However, there are programs that do and not everyone will notice it. Even after uninstalling the offending programs the effects seem “permanent”. One is UltraISO Media Edition. After installing it, dvdrw drives will disappear in SRNM 4.5. Another is NTI CD & DVD Maker Platinum Edition. If I remember correctly all my optical drives whether cd or dvd writers or readers disappeared in SRNM 4.5.

The problem has to do with these various “px” .dll files and one .sys file that get changed when installing UltraISO ME or NTI CD & DVD Maker PE. When installing SRNM 4.5 on a virgin system, the working file component versions are:

And when I install something like UltraISO ME after, they get changed to: and consequently my dvdrw drive disappears in SRNM 4.5.

If you can find the files in the various directories on your system and replace them with the originals, Stomp RecordNow MAX 4.5 will recognize the lost drives again.


Funny. Winamp Full also inteferes with Stomp RecordNow MAX 4.5 and changes the px.dll files. The latest version 5.12 definitely changes the files, and so do the previous Full versions of Winamp. One workaround would be to install only the Lite version of Winamp. You won’t be able to play video files with it, but I usually associate them with Windows Media Player anyway.


Awhile ago I ran into a version of UltraISO ME that changed the px.dll files, but none of my optical drives disappeared in SRNM 4.5. That version is The component version numbers are below.