Open or closed CD-ROM

Can someone tell me how I can know if a CD-ROM has been left open when it was created?

I’m a systems librarian for a council library service, and we have a situation where a CD-ROM lent to a borrower came back with a virus on it. We now need to check all our CD-ROMs for viruses, but also want to know how we can check these and new ones to ensure they are closed.

The second copy of this particular CD-ROM appears to be closed, as it shows in Windows Explorer as having zero bytes free. But is it? If it is, how did the first copy get the virus?

Any assistance you can give me in trying to identify potential problems will be appreciated.


Put it into your drive.
Load nero & then recorder->Disc info. It will tell you :wink:
Make sure you have autorun disabled :slight_smile:

It seems odd that a CDR came back with a virus on it … seems like someone deliberately tried to do it, or has at least given you back the wrong cd.

Isobuster (freeware I think) can also access just a particular session, so you can recover the data on previous sessions without getting the virii :wink:

Thanks for that. I’ll get a writeable drive and a copy of Nero for future checking.