"Open IME" in IE7



i’ve just noticed this when i right click my address bar to paste a URL into it, there also “reconversion” aswell, anybody know what this is about ?


Have you installed any new software recently?


been googling

IME = Input Method Editor

What is an IME (Input Method Editor) and how do I use it?
Published: July 15, 2003
by Russ Rolfe

Latin based languages (English, German, French, Spanish, etc.) are represented by the combination of a limited set of characters. Because this set is relatively small, most languages have a one-to-one correspondence of a single character in the set to a given key on a keyboard. When it comes to East Asian (EA) languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) the number of characters to represent the language can be in the tens of thousands, which makes the using a one-to-one character to keyboard key model next to impossible. To allow for users to input EA characters, several Input Methods (IM) have been devised to create Input Method Editors (IME). This document’s purpose is to catalog the many IMEs that exist in Windows XP and give a brief description of each.


the thing is, i’ve not installed any languages