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Well here is the first: Why do Easy CD-Creator cause so many problems/conflicts with other programs? :Z

No seriously you don’t need to answer, and a roxio forum is still great to have since many users use it since it’s pretty easy to use, and I respect that. Have a pretty good cover editor also…

Probably also included with a wide variety of writers, especially in the US(like plextor…winoncd or nero here but Easy CD-Creator in the US)

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Roxio EZCD used to be a great app, and probably still is in somepeoples eyes.

Well we take them serious…I visited their booth on the CeBIT:


But long ago Easy CD Creator was the software to get if you wanted to burn a cd. I did notice loads of other software on the Roxio booth; from DVD authoring software till ‘make your own moviez’.

Anyway: welcome on board Inertia.

Originally posted by OC-Freak
Well here is the first: Why do Easy CD-Creator cause so many problems/conflicts with other programs? :Z

Thanks OC-Freak, and I know that you were joking about the quote above.:smiley: Nevertheless it is an attribute commonly attributed to EZCD by those that don’t use it or don’t know how to use it. and is worth answering. In fact, I may make a sticky FAQ with this question.

This is my take on this perception:
Easy CD Creator (starting with Easy CD Pro 95) was one of the first successful full featured burning sofware packages and had very broad acceptance. In the early days of burning, the programs were not designed for compatibility, since there were few people with burners and not too much software to choose from. DirectCD would probably also be loaded, but people using it probably didn’t have much of a technical understanding.

In the early days, some Adaptec drivers might conflict with Nero and vice versa. WinOnCD could cause conflicts with either. Many problems, then as now, were probably caused by people trying to install more than one packet writing program. This can result in blue screen failures, but the perception was that of a software conflict, not an unworkable installation. Because of the way packet writing programs are integrated into the operating system, only one can be successfully installed.

DirectCD could cause conflicts with Nero even if installed alone, but there were workarounds that developed for this that did not require a boot menu. Somehow out of this, and probably related to the fact that Easy CD Creator had most of the market, the idea started circulating that it would “take over” your computer and not allow other burning software to operate without problems. The reality is that all burning software had these early compatibility problems. They were designed separately to do similar functions, and their drivers could conflict with other burning software loaded at the same time.

As the state of the art progressed, more people were experimenting with different burning software and experiencing conflicts. Frustrated calls to tech support might have been an incentive for software companies to develop drivers that worked with others, so that their software was not blamed for conflicts. Almost all burning software would have trouble if AIN (auto insert notification) was turned on. This would cause buffer underruns when the TOC was read and AIN interrupted the burn. AIN is a useful feature, especially in packet writing, and Adaptec specified that AIN should be turned on. Adaptec’s solution to the potential buffer underrun problem was to install a driver that disabled AIN when Easy CD Creator was burning, but left it active at other times. DirectCD wouldn’t work properly with AIN turned off. No other burning software had this feature. This seemed like another compatibility issue unless AIN was manually toggled off when another program was used, and turned on again for DirectCD.

Then there is the story of Adaptec leaving hundreds of registry entries and files behind after an uninstall, causing incompatibility problems and hours of labor. In fact, to do a complete uninstall of Adaptec/Roxio, in addition to Add/Remove Programs, there are four files to rename and two registry keys to delete.

Starting at least about two years ago, all major burning software had developed drivers to allow AIN to be enabled, but turned off while burning. This removed one potential incompatibility. In the meantime the drivers had been refined so that they rarely caused problems with other programs.

I had heard all of the incompatibility stories while helping people with burning problems. My experience had been that many of these internet stories can take on a life of their own without any substance. I decided to try it for myself. My motivation, other than testing the story, was that I would be able to help people with any other programs that could be loaded. At the time I was running an Intel CPU. I started adding programs. First Nero, no problems. With EZCD 4 (which came with Direct CD 3) if the tray icon for DirectCD was disabled at startup, this seemed to eliminate any conflicts with Nero. Then WinOnCD, no problems, etc… When I had loaded about 14 programs I stopped. I was certain that something was going to cause a crash, but it didn’t.

At present, DirectCD 5 causes no conflicts with any programs and can be used normally. I have about 20 burning programs simultaneously loaded (not counting utilities) and all coexist with no problems. I am running Win98SE on an AMD platform that is very stable. When VOB is loaded, it warns about a potential driver conflict and asks if you wish to automatically remove it (Nerocd95.vxd). If you choose yes and it’s renamed, then Nero has an error message when loaded because this is the driver that disables AIN. I just ignore the VOB message. There are a few other drivers from various sources (i.e., SCSI1hlp.vxd) that can sometimes cause problems. If this happens, these are easy to identify and rename. On my system I haven’t had to rename anything.

My conclusion to the conflicts/problems story was that it had no recent substance. Lots of people have problems and may not have the skills to sort them out. Creating stories and blaming software without any real understanding of the issues is an easy way to rationalize a problem.:cool:

Inertia, thanks for this very informative information!

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Nice reply Inertia.

I posted it on the mainpage… hope you don’t mind?

Okay, many people I know probably do blame the software when it’s really their fault - but lets not forget one thing, many of the reported problems were actually EasyCD’s fault.

Easy CD Creator 5 crashes randomly on some computers and not on others - even without other writing software installed.

You are testing the wrong version, I found Easy CD 4 very stable in the past so you shouldn’t be testing this version - you should try 5 (unstable).

Hi Truman,

No, I am not testing the wrong version. :cool: Although I have also run versions 3.xx and 4.xx in the past, I have been running v5.xx since it first came out. I am currently running the latest v5.1. All of the other burning software that I run are the latest updates also.

If a good installation is made with v5.1, it is very stable. 95% of the installation problems that I have seen are WinXP related. This is nothing new, WinXP is involved in software problems all over the place. The latest v5.1 update seems to have finally cured most of the WinXP installation problems.:wink:

Thanks, MP|3:slight_smile:

No, I don’t mind posting it on the mainpage.

I hope it doesn’t stir up a hornet’s nest. People may be unsettled when their myths are challenged. :smiley:

I can’t think of a single reason to buy easy cd creator, instead of Nero.

However, the spin doctor feature ( Easy Sound card input -> CD )is very good for people who don’t have the necessary expereince with computers to do it properly.

It is the only reason I could possibly recommend it over Ahead’s nero.

Also some other information about early versions of adaptec software.

EZCD used to also perform an installation of the ASPI layer as well, however, it often didn’t carry out the installation correctly, hence resulting in half installed aspi layer, which is used for virtually all cdrom access.

Because the aspi layer was broken, any access to the cdrom system resulted in blue screens.

this included the initial startup of windows when it checks for the presence of all the drives & cdroms.

However, they did realise this, and re-realeased version 3.5 with a version D which actually fixed this problem, but by then the damage had been done.

As well as this, the actual capabilities of the software were laughable, and it wasn’t worth the extra effort to get a sub-standard piece of software to work, when you could simply download Nero/cdrwin/etc and have it work brilliantly first time.


The Roxio forum is a technical problem solving forum for people who use, want to use, or have technical questions about Roxio products. If you have a technicial question about these products, feel free to post here.:wink:

It is not a consumer opinion forum, so this post should be in the Living Room.


Originally posted by debro
I can’t think of a single reason to buy easy cd creator, instead of Nero.
i can think of many. the main one is multisession. try it with ezcd cremator and them with nero. ezcd is the king of multisession because it really is ‘easy’. i have used it for a long time (since version 3.0) and most of the people i know use it with no problems at all. as inertia has stated i also have numerous burning software packages installed and any conflicts i have had were nothing to do with ezcd at all. also, as inertia stated, the main problem is with packet writing software in general instead of ezcd. use multisession instead of packet writing. not only does packet writing software conflict with other burning software it can cause numerous system problems.

good to see a place with the open-mindedness to include a roxio forum. and it seems that they have chosen their moderator well, also.

I am trying :bow: to record a video off of my video camera to send to my family back home and this is happening to me it used to work great but all of a sudden it stopped. I am editing it directly from ROXIO; I forgot to mention I have two DVD drives a SONY RW DRU-710A and a SONY RW DW-U10A; Hard Drive free space = 76%. What do you think changed my setup, can it be fixed?

I am using ROXIO Platinum version 6, my DVD burner is a SONY DVD RW DW-U110A, and my source drive is my hard drive.

My DVD recorder stops recording after it records just a small amount of my video. It comes up with an error:

E80041899: Wright error – buffer underrun occurred [06/C5/00]
E80041934: TrackWriter error – Flush failure [T7127]
E80041925: TrackWriter error – Command retry failed – [T7118]

:doh: What could be the problem?
Will a registry fix program help? If so, what is a good one?
Yes, I can burn data and music CD’s
Yes, I have the latest update, the next update for ROXIO is version 8.