Open/close utility



I use a utility called wizmo.exe to open and close the drawer on my NEC 3500 drive. I discovered that whenever I use this utility to close the drawer with a DVD in the drive, an eventid-9 error is created. If I instead use the button on the drive, there is no error. I probably tried this 10 times with the wizmo utility and got 10 eventid-9 errors, and I tried this 10 times with the button on the drive and got no errors. So, this is pretty clear.

I could simply stop using the utility, but I like the convenience. I guess I could also ignore the errors, but they bother me. Is there a similar utility that I could substitute for wizmo.

BTW, I need something that allows me to specify command line parameters. For example, with wizmo, closing the drive is WIZMO CLOSE=E.




:cop: just use your finger and manually open the drive, talk about lazy.


I’ve never tried this but it might work for you and it’s free >


Hehe I would rather open a DVD tray telepathically … and put the disc into the try telekinetically :slight_smile:


I remember a post awhile back of someone that was wanting similar program as they were handicaped. But Quikee’s way would even be better ! lol


lol :iagree:


Get WinEject. It works in your taskbar or uses shortcut keys. Its a very small and lightweight program and works great.

If you use the button too much it will eventually break or wear out. It’s just a natural process that happens to everything if you use it too much. The button on my CD-R writer is starting to stick now after a year of use. I then started using WinEject and once you get used to it, it does actually save you some time and from bending over a lot.


Thanks rolling56 and icn. I appreciate the help.



Nice little util especially since I never used the buttom while closing the drive.


I always just push my drives to close them never use the buttons only to open them…