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Some time ago I used a Plextor and PlexTools. There was no need to worry about it, since hardware and software came from the same place. Then, until recently, I used an Optiarc and imgburn. This was easy again: There’s no Optiarc software and the general OPC technology can be enabled/disabled in imgburn under “Tools”>“Settings”>“Write”>“Perform OPC Before Write”. Now I have a brand new LITEON iHAS120, and I don’t know how to use it:

Are the LITEON-specific technologies SmartBurn and/or HyperTuning (a) of a replacing nature or (b) a second step in the calibration process? In other words: Does SmartBurn/HyperTuning (a) replace the general OPC technology or (b) are these LITEON technologies meant to enhance a general OPC step as a second calibration step?

Are there rules how to combine general OPC technology, LITEON-specific SmartBurn and LITEON-specific HyperTuning when burning DVD+R discs??

:o Thank you so much for reading my naive LITEON-newbie question.


OK, sorry. I guess I wasn’t able to describe my problem. Simply said:

Those who use a modern generation LITEON drive and imgburn software, do you burn with OPC enabled or disabled in imgburn, when burning with SmartWrite and/or HyperTuning enabled?

If you burn with OPC disabled, why?

If you burn with OPC enabled, why?

Many thanks again for reading.


AFAIK, SmartBurn and HyperTuning are on-the-fly adjustments the drive can perform during the burn, which complement the OPC check done at the start.

I haven’t tested the new iHAS/iHAP series but I have always had OPC enabled with 5S/6S and A1-A4 series. Enabling HyperTuning in stock F/W has led to poorer results in my experience, but works great with C0deKing’s patched F/W :clap::bow:.


Thank you superhero! :wink: :slight_smile:

superhero, before I fully react to your post: I just realized what I saw all the time but somehow didn’t get: The cdfreaks LITEON FAQ only talks about HT/OHT. I think I should have think about it harder. :doh: I think that SmartWrite technology [U]IS[/U] LITEON’s OPC!

Could you or someone please confirm that imgburn’s “Perform OPC” setting enables/disables LITEON SmartWrite?

Thank you so much!


No sorry it’s still different it seems:

What I wrote in my previous post is false.

There’s SmartBurn technology and SmartWrite technology. (The tool is also called SmartBurn. So there’s a SmartBurn technology and the SmartBurn v3.5.1 tool.)

SmartBurn technology: Buffer underrun protection + automatic write strategy + OPC.

SmartWrite: Consists of HyperTuning and OverSpeed technologies. Does the iHAS120 and similar drives still have SmartBurn technology as these have SmartWrite(HT+OS)?? Did HyperTuning replace the SmartBurn technology? Does SmartBurn technology only consist of buffer underrun protection in HT capable LITEONs?

Which one of all these does imgburn’s “Perform OPC” setting activate/deactivate??

Now I’m totally confused. :confused: :frowning:


The discussion in this thread is over from my side and continues elsewhere as [B]troy512[/B] brought bright light into this.

Everything said (1) here and (2) by me elswhere on this issue was incorrect!

The ongoing discussion clears/will clear things up finally begininng with [B]troy512[/B]'s great post.

It continues here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f153/imgburn-v2-4-1-0-released-242366/index2.html#post2174222


SmartWrite and SmartBurn is mostly LiteOn naming to generate more sales. :slight_smile:

[I]SmartWrite optimizes the writing strategy for each particular writing session.[/I]

[B]Hyper Tuning / Online Hyper Tuning[/B]

[I]Through the drive’s self learning mechanism, it automatically detects and decides the optimal write strategy[/I]

[B]Hyper Tuning / Online Hyper Tuning[/B]

[I]Smart-Write it is also possible to increase the maximum writing speed of media.[/I]

[B]Over Speed[/B]

Smart-Write is a recording technology developed by Lite-On.
SmartWrite optimizes the writing strategy for each particular writing session. Through the drive’s self learning mechanism, it automatically detects and decides the optimal write strategy for DVD±R recordable media to get the best quality burns. With Smart-Write it is also possible to increase the maximum writing speed of media.

it is possible to reset the learned media with earlier LiteOn drives, im not sure about the newer drives, i would recommend EEPROM utility but the release notes do not mention the newer drives.


Yes exactly, I think it’s too many terms for some (great) regular things. “SmartBurn Technology” was simply a LITEON OPC added to buffer underrun protection. And the new “SmartWrite” is simply a newly featured LITEON Active OPC + buffer underrun protection, while renaming the pre-write OPC of Active OPC to “HyperTuning” and calling the onthefly OPC of Active OPC “OnlineHyperTuning”. Then what’s left is only that since Active OPC/“SmartWrite” - like original Plextors and original BenQs - the drive even memorizes the auto-strategies created from Active OPC.

What I’m trying to find out at the moment is if the disable SmartBurn checkbox overrides the Force HT and OHT checkboxes. That would tell what the SmartBurn checkbox stands for today in days of “SmartWrite” terminology. Buffer underrun only, buffer undedrrun + OPC or buffer underrun + Active OPC. The latter would actually make the checkbox to a “Disable SmartWrite” checkbox…

OPC clear: Well, I can at least confirm that iHAS120 + SmartBurn Tool 3.5.1 definitely supports Clear OPC and also that it seems* to work. The drive gives back a successfully deleted window.

  • OPC entries cannot be viewed with official software