OPC in smart burn?



when do you use the clear OPC history and what is it used for? I have 1635s -yv6m, new a this, need some help. THANKS


clears hypertuning data


Basically, it’s something to try if the drive starts acting goofy and doesn’t burn media well that it burned well at some point. This will force it to “relearn” how to burn a given media type with a given manufacturer’s code, and can clear up some of these problems.


When the learned results become worse and worse for same MID discs, maybe you can try clearing the OPC history to learn at a clear initial state. :slight_smile:


I hope you mean if the learned results become worse and worse, not when they become worse and worse! :bigsmile:


Thanks for the info,i have verbs& tai yudens is ok to burn one kind then the outher or do you have to use one kind to get learned results?


No, the drive checks the MID code on the disc when you insert it, so it “knows” what kind it is and will continue to learn them both. You can change media types all you want, but I’d personally stick with those. You’ve got the good stuff. :wink:


Thanks for help.


Sorry for digging up this old thread!

I searched around but didn’t find an answer. I have the (genuine) Verbatim branded MCC004 and fake Playo MCC004. So if I have Force Hyper Tuning and/or Online Hyper Tuning enabled, then it’s not a good idea to use the genuine and fake ones alternately on the same drive?

(Since the drive identifies media via MID, when a disc with MCC004 MID is inserted, it won’t know if it’s genuine or fake MCC004. And if writing strategy and MID has a one-to-one map, then the hyper tuning activity during fake MCC004 burns might adversely affect later burns on a genuine MCC004 disc?)

If this is true, and if I did mix the genuine and fake ones with hyper tuning enabled, then I can clear OPC history to set the drive back to the initial state as if it had never learned from either type of MCC004? Then what shall I do with hyper tuning for later burns if I intend to use both types of MCC004 alternately?



It depends on your results, if your not happy with the burns try clearing the opc.