OP Forces & CloneCD

Anyone tell me the settings for HL Op Forces using CloneCD pleezz?
I’m pretty sure it uses Safedisk2 but I tried a read and over 45mins later it was only at 2%,I’m using a Teac W516EB

half life op is safedisk
use clonecd with FES on
to read

Thanx for the reply,sorry I was a little late in answering.
I was using CloneCD Database to try and suss out the protection method used,I think I may have tried ClonyXL as well.

I don’t know about you but I tend not to put too much faith in these utils using them as a guideline more than anything.I suspect the settings differ from writer to writer etc.

CCD Database gave me the SafeDisk2 message?!?!?

I’ve managed to make a copy and installed from the copy,there was an error right at the end of the installation stating that a wav file hadn’t copied over correctly?

It plays ok anyway so I’ll keep it noted for future reference.Thanx again.

You can actually often ‘see’ which protection was used by looking at the files on the disc:


[/li][li]GAME.ICD[/ul]SafeDisc 2:

[/li][li]00000002.TMP (not always)
[/li][li]CLOKSPL.exe is missing
[/li][li]GAME.ICD is missing
[/li][*]DPLAYERX.DLL[/ul]Thanks FutureProof for mentioning this once, since I couldn’t remember all of them :slight_smile:

I got the backup made eventually peeps :slight_smile: .
It was made with CloneCD with the following settings

oaky_88 you were right m8.

SubChannel Data from Data Track : No
SubChannel Data from Audio Track : No
Fast Skip Error : Yes
Intelligent Bad Sector Scanner : No
Don’t repair SubChannel : No

It took a while mind, but the desired result was achieved in the end which is what counts huh?