Oor POP Encyclopedie/ how to copy



Wie heeft hiermee ervaring opgedaan. heeft mij inmiddels legio frisbees opgeleverd.
I need help!


I have seen several postings of people who are coping with the same problem. And I’m one of them, and I don’t have the solution either. ShaxZ thinks it is a new version of Securom (shit happens).
Some things I tried, but didn’t work .
For burning I use a CDD3610, fw3.01, normally with Adaptec software. Following the links on this site I downloaded Duplicator, CD Wizard Gold 5 and Discjuggler 1.05.393 as alternative. Duplicator didn’t agree with my frisbee-prevention strategy (by using REwritables ). The created CR-R contained EXACTLY the same # of bytes, but didn’t start oor. CD Wizard had some conflicts with CD creator. Didn’t work anyway. I’m not done yet with Discjuggler. I have two CD-roms and one writer, and each of them gives different read results. CDD3610 reports 2 ECC errors in the middle of the CD, and one unrecoverable at the end. Toshiba 6302 reports only the error in the end. My AOpen 32AKU won’t work at all with Discjuggler.
When I read back the copies, it look like the errors have been corrected. So I have to find a way to copy errors to try further. Does anybody know if the CDD3610 is capable of writing errors? Or how to get it to write errors?


I’m not thinking it’s a new version of Securom, i’m sure of it.

Trouble is, nobody wants to crack this new version if it’s only used with shitty software. (well, the Popencyclopedie is not that bad).