Oops, deleted x2 from launch menu

Hi folks, got a modded xbox problem (Xenium 24K) here. I accidentally deleted my X2 launch Item from the launch menu in the Xenium OS. Unfortunately, for whatever reason I can’t ftp into the xbox and see the other drive partitions. I can ftp into the xenium os but only come to a menu where I can either launch, flash, reboot or shutdown.

It’s frustrating but I’m working furiously to get this resolved. I have all the .bins I need and .config files but i just can’t seem to get things going correctly. Whenever I try to flash the os and add a new x2 bin it just reboots to the main xbox retail menu. I can’t ftp into the xbox to add the config files so it’s just this crazy cycle.

Before i made my blunder, all was working correctly but now, not so much.

I’d really appreciate any help on this issue.