Ooooops......potato (un)powered

I just posted the article Ooooops…potato (un)powered.

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Slashdot is a fairly hands-off setup and it just ran with a link to the pranksters’ site. Ananova, on the other…

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If you believed that you’d believe anything.
Maybe you could power a digital watch with it, but a puter?
And did you really think you could put a Linux kernal in a 2 Mbyte ROM???

hahaha, the joke’s on all of you!

euhh…the linux kernel is

Just compiled my kernel with loads of useless stuff and :
Boot sector 512 bytes.
Setup is 2443 bytes.
System is 1036 kB
warning: kernel is too big for standalone boot from floppy

So, 2megs of rom is HUGE for a linux kernel.

Stavros, you’re an idiot. 2MB is plenty for a Linux kernel (not Kernal hehehe). 2MB is even plenty for DOS.