Ookla speedtest apk

i have the Nvidia shield 2020 which users Android , and i want to use the ookla speedtest on it as i use it on my phone and i like its ease of use, but when i goto the playstore through Nvidia shield its not available anywhere, so i think i have to download it as an APK, but where do i get this APK from, and if there are a few listings of it which version would i get ?

That is the android link for my Nvidia shield… so I don’t know why yours is not working

dam thats weird then,
i dont know why i cant see it at all, i mean, i thought being nvidia & having android it would show up now worries, but if i type in Ookla , it does not pop up anywhere in the play store. there are a lot of others i see, just not that 1 . i will check again in the coming days , r u able to show me a screenshot of yours in your shield. i did some googling prior to coming here and i saw somewhere it needs to be downloaded as APK in order for it to work, so if you got it to show and work you are lucky.

and 1 other thing i just noticed, in the section where it says all the apps that are installed on nvidia as standard, it says google is installed, but i cant see an Icon anywhere to add it to my home screen, is this what i use to do some googling , or do i need to install chrome . nor can i select google to open it anywhere . its listed in the settings,app, system apps, but when i click on it in there the only options are to force stop, uninstall, clear cache, etc… . so it is saying it is on my nvidia shield , but cant find it anywhere to open it.

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