Onyx 3

Anyone knows the pass for Onyx 3


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Originally posted by Entrax
[B]Anyone knows the pass for Onyx 3


-= digiTAl InFErnO =- [/B]

if you have bought the orginal set of onyx 3 you would know the pass :cool:

so do that next time

what do you think i did heuuu…My dealer didn’t reply yet with pass that’s why i asked …I guess i’ll wait …

HEHE :smiley:
perhaps you should find another dealer because what kind of dealer forgets to give the password to cd’s they are selling :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, but who would anyone be that stupid to buy silver???

And after reading the newsposting about copyprotection on onyx…NO ONE is interested anymore !!!

Onyx crew > Lamers!

password = superbird

Originally posted by jackal
password = superbird

LOL…wrong password

I’m sorry

password = silverbird

for the little movies = butthead


why do you think do the crews protect the cds with passwords? that you post it online here, so every
authority can read it here !!! or what…

think twice before you post that sensitive data !