Onn FHD 4K Android streaming stick

Does anyone know when The new Onn android streaming stick will be available for sale at Walmart.It’s supposed to be an alternative to the $ 50.00 dollar Google chromcast. :slightly_smiling_face:

IMO, it is hard to beat Roku for value. A Roku Express box costs $25 and provides tons of free content. Also, the app selections are fantastic and plentiful. The Roku Channel has a lot of good content that is constantly being rotated so it doesn’t get stale. Connect ability is very good via phone apps, smart TVs and computer. It might be worth checking out before you go with Android TV of some flavor.

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Sorry it’s been a while since I have been on the forum. Anyway I agree with you on Roku. I have had it for years. I bought one of the first ones when they were selling it at Fry’s electronics. As a matter a fact I bought one of their soundbar streamers. I love it. I like google to. So since my Chromcast with google tv wouldn’t connect to my wi-fi .[ I found out because it was too short and was too close to the back of the tv. So since The Onn I heard was compatible with google. I wanted to try it? So I did and it works okay? Not great? but , now I can go on both… :slightly_smiling_face: