ONN brand DVD+R

Does anyone know who makes ONN DVD+R disks? Or has any experience with them? :confused:

They’re priced just two dollars less than Verbatim, which is becoming harder to find, and so maybe they’re made by a mainstream brand for Walmart.

As an update, ONN brand DVD+R disks showed up in 10 packs so I bought one. Unlike the 50 packs, the 10 packs don’t include a spindle or cases. Just the 10 disks wrapped snug between two clear acrylic dummy disks.

I’ve burned two of the disks so far, just copies of PC data like programs and videos not intended for usage outside of a computer’s optical drive. Both disks wrote well and, so far, the program and video copies all install and play as they should.

I don’t use any software for checking burn integrity but for years I used to use the verify routine in Nero. Run within Windows XP and using Maxell and Verbatim CDR and DVD+R not once did any error show up. Carefully stored for years, none became corrupt. Now I use Windows 7 native disk writing that doesn’t offer a verify option. All I do now is compare the total files size in bytes of the original and copy and they always show the same. Thus I’m fairly confident the writing was accurate.

As has always been my custom for saving copies of PC data, I burn at the slowest speed the writing program offers, usually 2x for CDR and 4x for DVD, and ensure no other programs are running and that my HDD is freshly disk cleaned and defragmented.

Returning to ONN disks, the packaging color features purple that leads me to wonder if Verbatim or Memorex makes them.

I’ll continue to use this brand and report here on its performance. If anyone can determine who makes this product, feel free to post.

I’ll continue to use this brand and report here on its performance. If anyone can determine who makes this product, feel free to post.

You can easily identify the real manufacturer by yourself - just download this utility.

Unfortunately the manufacturer isn’t known or else it too new for DVD Identifier to recognize.

These media were made by Umedisc, the biggest optical recordable media producer in China.

Thanks for the info. How were you able to determine it?

I’m unfamiliar with that manufacturer so don’t yet know how reputable it is.

pepst has a fairly large knowledge regarding who manufactures which discs, and AML 003 is manufactured by Umedisc.

People tend to roll their eyes when they get media made by Umedisc (media codes with AML, UME, UMEDISC in the name), as they are B-grade media on average. This means they aren’t bad, but aren’t the best, and I don’t think people focus too much on them for important stuff like long-term backups. They perform perfectly fine for day to day use, in most cases, so…eh.

And for what it’s worth, I just figured I’d point out that Memorex doesn’t make discs itself. It might be behind the brand (I don’t know how to figure out who came up with the ONN brand), but at best it just makes deals with actual disc manufacturers to get cheap media.

Another note: the lowest write speed doesn’t guarantee quality. But if it works for you, I won’t stop you.

Thank you for the additional details. Having known about CD Freaks for years and being a fan of optical storage vs all others for archiving, I know the basics. That’s why I don’t try to configure my writing software to force the write speed down to the lowest possible, but just go with the lowest one my software offers me on its own.

That’s news to me about Memorex, which has a poor reputation. I’d assumed Memorex was a manufacturer that was happy to make low cost media for other brands.

I’m using ONN brand only because of availability. My preference was always for Maxell and Verbatim for CDRs and DVD+Rs but Maxell is all but gone and Verbatim seems to be greatly reduced in quality according to recent Amazon and NewEgg buyers. As well, retailers where I am hardly carry recordable DVDs anymore. Even computer parts stores are cutting back, and being outside of the USA means my online options are limited unless I wish to be subject to import fees.