Only Vista sees my burner

[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung SH-S183L / TS-H653L. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Okay my first post is a new (to me) wrinkle on an old problem with Vista: the operating system (in an HP Media Centre system) sees the DVD drive and says it’s running fine – and it does run fine but only for Windows Media Player (i.e. Microsoft) – anything else I have, from Nero 9, to Roxio, even to the basic Lightscribe software will detect no drive at all.
I replaced the HP-branded Lite-On unit that came with the machine because it seemed dead with the TS version of Samsung’s SH-S183 and it seemed great until I messed up the Nero 7 I had by trying to update what I now assume must have been a bogus version I thought I bought legally on ebay. I got a retail version of Nero 9 and have installed it a million different ways but no sign of the drive in anything but WMP and all the usual tricks (uninstall drive and reboot, sift thru the registry looking for upper and lower filters, enable DMA etc) do nothing … the only Nero message I get is a request to install Burn Rights, which is already there and enabled for “everyone.”
Can any of you CD freaks think of anything I’ve missed? (Tried a system restore with Nero 7 when Nero deleted it while pretending to update me but wound up only with a big whack of Nero files that were inert)
cheers jerry
p.s. Don’t beat me up for wanting Lightscribe – I think it’s fun. But really it’s the principle of the thing – the machines we buy should work properly! The Lite-On unit kept disappearing almost from the get-go (2 years ago) but until it conked out, I could bring it back with the uninstall trick. But is that reasonable?