Only using 60% cpu power?

while trying to compress lord of the rings, dvd2one estimated the time to process it at somewhere over 2 hours… i went to the task manager to raise the programs process priority and found dvd2one was only using an average of 60% of the cpu cycles, even when the priority is set to high/real time

usin win xp and athlon 2600

The problem is the speed of your HD. It can’t deliver the data fast enough for dvd2one, so dvd2one is idle a lot. If you use 2 harddisks, one for the source and one as destination, your cpu utilization will be higher. Make sure the HDs are on different IDE channels.


no for shorter movies it takes 15/20 min its only for lotr that its doing this…

if it took my hdd 2-3 hours to copy 8gb i’d have to shoot it :slight_smile: