Only transcode 1 sec

Hello everybody,

I’ve been using NeroVision for quite some time now,
and I started to burn dvd’s with .VOB files.
But then when I make a new movie in NeroVision and
start to burn it on a dvd, the transcode process stops after
just 1 sec.! PLEASE help me!
( But ‘‘normal’’ files, like AVI are burned properly. )
Or maybe you have an idea how to make my AVI movie
shorter, so that I can put 2 movies on one dvd because
one movie is about 3 GB!

Thank you!

what version of nero?

what is the error message?

can you post an error log?

if you already have VOB files inside a VIDEO_TS folder then why are you using nero vision express? you can just burn these with nero burning rom.

The version of Nero is NerVision 2

Actually there’s no error message, the transcode stops at 1 sec. ands the time clock just keeps going so I quit Nero after 3 hours…

Maybe a stupid question, but what is an error log?

You’re right about the VOB files, but I want a menu when a put my dvd in my dvd recorder so that’s why I record them from the tv on a dvd rew., copy it to my computer then try to burn a dvd with it, wich apparently doesn’t work…
( BTW do you know how to make AVI files for example 700 mb shorter but the same quality? Cause that might help! )

Besides my dvd- recorder is not so perfect because sometimes it can’t
split a movie. If I put the files on my computer I can split them in NeroVision 2…

Flying Doctor, you can add two avi files to the project and nerovision will automatically change the quality setting to fit both on a DVD.

Yes I know, but the files are still to large…
For example, I downloaded the Little Mermaid in two
languages but there’s only room for one movie…
( One movie is 3 GB… )