Only the best need to reply Benq DW 1610 b8m9

I have a pretty complex question here boys.
I have a benq Dw 1610 firmware b8m9, I have figured out which media works well with it both -R and +R media.
The problem is this: I have placed the unit in an external case so that I can use it with my laptop as well. The unit works beutifully when I am using it with my desk top but not so good when I am using it with my laptop.

The problem with my laptop is that it is a Presario 2100 and for some dumb reason it does not have usb 2 ports on it!! So I purchased a PCMCIA card to able acces to 2.0 USB ports on it.

This is where it gets complicated.
The benq devise can be read through the card at USB 2.0.
However when going to burn from the USB 2.0 port no go.
The funny thing is, is that it locks up and I have to reboot.
The only way that I can burn using the Benq burner is through the old USB 1.1 port and using only +R media.

Any suggestions?

If its a VIA chipset on your USB2 card there is a VIA USB2 driver that fixes XPSP2 and USB2 lockup problems.

Goto and download the USB2 driver. It states its not needed for XP BUT the readme stated SP2 Lockup fix. Worked for me.

The only other thing is a compatability problem with the USB2 case and the drive, some dont work. I know that ALi and Prolific work fine as they are the 2 I have but the max burn speed is 12x on USB2

Thanks qwakrz I will give it a try. :bow: to you

Their is also a strong chance that the PCMCIA card is using the NEC/Orangeware USB2 chipset you should check out this list and see if anything matches the drivers are at the bottom of the page.