Only SmartBurn finds LH-20A1L not EEPROM or 20A1L.BL06.patched-fbl-eos-eoht.exe

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to update the firmware for LH-20A1L using CodeKing’s 20A1L.BL06.patched-fbl-eos-eoht.exe but when launched it can not find it.

Also EEPROM Utility can not find it.

Only Smart Burn can find it.

It can burn and read with no problem.

I’m using Vista 64…is that the problem?

The LH-20A1L is on the #2 sata port on the MOBO.



OK found the problem!

It’s a new computer build using a Gigabyte MOBO and after I installed all the updated drivers from Gigabyte’s install DVD, Eprom Utitlties and C0deKing’s firmware updater found the burner.