Only showing in Black & white, not colour



Well it took me long enough to find where I introduce myself, so not much hope for me lol…
Australia has been my home for the last 30yrs, England for the first 20yrs…
I found this site while I was serching for help with a problem I have, and I thought that someone might be able to help me with it.
I am new to computers, had to teach myself, so I would be very grateful for any advice you are willing to give me…
I spend as much time as I can on the computer as I hate the tv.
I work with people and their dogs, I teach them how to get control over them and enjoy them, with positive training methods, I teach basic obedience, advanced obedience, agility, tricks and I would love to have a dog that I could use to do “Doggie Dancing” but a humble Bull Terrier just dosnt cut it lolllllll…I have been involved in this work for over 30yrs, 23yrs part time, the last 7yrs full time… I love it…
I am at the moment trying to take footage of dog trials off my video camera to the hard drive so I can burn them to DVD, I am using a Hi Speed USB cable and the program Pinnacle Studio 8.3. The problem I am having is it is only showing in Black & white, not colour…So has anyone got any suggestions (without being rude) lol…I can not find any link that mentions my problem…


What is your actual capture device? Are you capturing to an ALL IN WONDER CARD, an AV/LINK, a pinnacle capture device? Also, you should check out “”. They have great forums about capturing, software, devices, etc…


Hi Rob, thanks for your reply. I am using a "Hi-Sped USB2 DVD Creator, which captures video from camcorder to your PC… It uses a program called “Ulead Video Studio” to capture from VHS Camera to Hard Drive, Its all the settings that I am getting confused with. I now have picture sound and colour ( sheer luck ) The finished result is a movie mpeg, but its a bit jerky. The settings I used were 720 x 576, DVD Compatible, 6,000 kbps, Mpeg, Audio 48,000…Any suggestions with settings ? Thanks


I’m no expert on this but I can try to help. The first thing I would do is make sure your computer is fast enought to play video files and dvd’s (just to get that out of the way since you didn’t list your computer specs). Thats easy enought to check out though. If your computer can play dvd’s then it is probably fine.
Once you have checked that, try playing the mpeg file that you captured. I assume that you are using mpeg2 (make sure because mpeg2 is much beter quality than mpeg1 and your capture device can probably do both). Based on the resolution setting you listed it sounds like mpeg2 (though I am not farmiliar with pal aspect ratios as I am in the US and use ntsc). If the mpeg file is jerky and has problems, dont even bother with trying to convert it to dvd format. You need to work out that problem first. You need a good playable mpeg before you proceed.
I know you have ulead video studio for making the dvd but what are you actually using to capture (get the video onto your computer). I am assuming that it is pinnacle studio 8.3. This is probably where your your problem is if the mpeg file is not good. Maybe one of these guides can help you with that.
Also, be aware that your usb capture device will more than liklly work with any capture software. If the pinacle software isn’t working (I know when I did research on my pinacle capture card, the general opinion was that the card was good but the pinacle software was total crap), you might want to try other capture software. If you have the full version of nero, it can capture. there are also probably some free ones here
Once you get good mpeg files that play well on your computer, then you can worry about converting them to dvd.
Hope that helps some.