Only recording 1/2 of the movie in DVDFab Beta what am i doing wrong?

Hey all,

I wanted to make sure this program is what is says it is (meaning it works) It seems to work just fine, however it only recorders 1/2 of the movie. I have ripped 3 movies and each one is about 1/2 or a little more.

Is this a fearture that the beta only lets 1/2 of the movie record? or am i doing something wrong>

Also, it seems in windows media player 11, you can fast forward or the audio will stop working. Pause seems to work fine. 5.1 works also, you just cant skip 10min into the movie to see a certin part and then skip to the next part…

anyone have any idea’s?

The betas are not restricted, but you should upgrade to release Others have reported the copies half the movie problem; not sure what version/movie they were working with. See the “iPod Problem” thread(s).