Only reads in the burner

Well i’m using brands of verbatim cd

and i have already tried to burn in several programs primodvd and nero my burner is nec 1300a only got it last week

and when i burn it shows that the burning went sucessfully

but when i put it in the cd-rom or other dvd-rom they dont seem to be able to read them and it seems that only the burner can read it

You know i could post at other forums but for some reason i picked this one because it seemed to be specializing in the field of burners but its like my second topic here that nobody responds i mean i have been exploring the forum profoundly and yet to be finding anything that matches my problem im sure you people have enough ideas of why this happens so please

Perhaps you have not closed the last session/disc?

>nobody responds

We all have day-jobs y’know :wink:

Playing in the burner only is an old Plextor issue (Google on Beta Values if you want to explore further). It’s a function of the burn and to a lesser extent the media and occasionally, how compliant the burner is with the MMC standards. Two years ago. The NEC burners have proven to deliver ‘odd’ results and this is no exception. ‘Odd’ because they do unexpected things. The developers and authors of burning/transcoding apps are always trying to provide fixes.

Two things: if you’re registered, then send an email to the author. Also try different media after checking your settings (as Andareed suggested).

Stay in touch :slight_smile:

hmm dayjobs on sundays hehe man you better come up with something better next time

and i cant really make anysense out of it im kind of newbie to all these things

so could you please tell me how to fix it

Well mate, I’m in Australia and I posted at twenty minutes to five in the afternoon on Monday 3 Nov 2003 after a days work. I can’t help it if your country is hours behind me.

>so could you please tell me how to fix it

Try changing the media. Otherwise you’ll have to report the problem and wait for a fix.

hmm would it help if i update the firmwares??

and where do i get fixes for this junk?

>hmm would it help if i update the firmwares??

It may

>and where do i get fixes for this junk?

Report the problems to the developer of the applications in question

You mean like the developers of nero

because man honestly now i have been searching all over the nec site and there isnt even one thing mentioned about their dvd burners

The NECs are produced to write data, including information, home movies etc. They are not designed to produce backups of copy protected CDs. They work well with premastering applications like Nero, DiskJuggler and so on. The NEC is not a good ‘all-round’ choice but is fine for SOHO use.

man say that again what the heck are you blathering there sorry if im being rude but people have dropped some good comments upon this burner

and what makes you think i have been trying to burn a cd protected cd…

im actually trying to put even a single lousy mp3 or flash clip on a cd and the damn things make it this way that it would only read it in it instead of other drives including xbox it doesnt read it there either …i dont know but it seems like the forum is having fun with it i barely read one remark that mentions the “dilemma” i am experiencing here

I am trying to help you.

>and what makes you think i have been trying to burn a cd
>protected cd…

I didn’t say you were, I was speaking generally about the burner.

You keep me guessing. The NECs are not fully MMC compliant burners. They suck outside of run-of-the-mill premastering. If you deviate either side of burning plain data, they choke. Burning MP3, animation, whatever, falls into this category.

If you have a problem, it could relate to your OS, DMA/PIO Modes, wrong cabling, chipset drivers, media, version of burning app. Firmware revision, any number of issues that plague burning. You are providing few clues and our chat-style session is not helping either. I have no idea what this means:

>i dont know but it seems like the forum is having fun with it i
> barely read one remark that mentions the “dilemma” i am
>experiencing here

but if I read it right, it’s not a widely experienced problem and if I may blather on, I would suggest that you contact Ahead Software and tell them that you can’t get a working disc.

man what do you exactly think ahead is going to do about it its out of their control

and no what im trying to understand why the hell does it do it at all i mean what is the source of this thing out of what it originates i dont think its cabling or chispet or whatever you mentioned there because the only thing it does is to make cds to be read only in the burner now i havent tried other medias but it would probably do the same with them as well

Well i just tried silverline and it does the same

>man what do you exactly think ahead is going to do about it its
>out of their control

OK. I officially give up. I have suggested just about everything that can go wrong but since you feel that my suggestions won’t help, you should go and ask the same questions on some other forums. Just let me know which ones so I can warn them. I’ll also let the Nero guys who moderate here, know that all is lost and that it’s no use as well.

Look im on coals here so please sarcasm is not going to help my problem look im not saying youre not helpful its just i only got this piece of shitty burner yesterday and i guess im just a little nervous because nothing works as expected

>sarcasm is not going to help my problem

No it’s not, but I wanted your attention. I don’t make stuff up. I don’t suggest “different media” because it rolls off my tongue in a sexy, intelligent way. Your anxiety is not allowing you to understand my advice/suggestions/recommendations. If you’re looking at a quick fix, it’s not apparent. If you don’t try something we can’t narrow the scope of the problem.

Reinstall your chipset drivers
Check thast you device is in DMA Mode
Make sure you have 40-pin/80-conductor IDE cables
Try diffrent media
Upgrade the Firmware
Patch your programs with the latest update

man its an oem nec 1300a it doesnt come with chipset drivers just in an empty box

yes im using the right cable otherwise it wouldnt be recognized by the computer

and whats dma? how do i modify it

and i really dont see how all of this is relevant to the fact that cds dont read on other devices but only the burner i have tried several burning programs and i updated the firmware to herrie 1.08 and it does the same

Hey Futureproof, i admire your patience,
but he i’s not going to listen to your suggestions

ok i got it fixed all i had to do is to switch a few cables …thanks for the help…who ever attempted to help me…and sorry for being a hard customer