Only reads certain discs LSC-24082K



Computer: Gateway laptop M520
CD: Slimtype COMBO LSC-24082K

After reformatting the CD player will only read certain discs.

It will read the cd’s that I burned music on.

It will not read any other discs that I need to install programs, such as Logitech, MS Office, etc. I’m not sure why it won’t read the discs with programs on them.

Before I reformatted I zeroed out the hard drive. I’m not sure if this is even related but thought to throw it out there anyway.

So, I’m thinking i should try to reflash the firmware before I trash the unit. I’ve read posts for the last 3 hours and clueless, so hoping there’s someone here with enough patience to walk me through this.

I downloaded DISCinfo to get the details: It verified JBK2 as the firmware version. When I went to the Liteon site it didn’t list my drive. It listed one as LSC-24082KX . Can I use this firmware? Is this an upgraded version?

Next I downoaded LtnFW: I got lost trying to do the backup. There aren’t any instructions on any of these tools that even begin to assist a newbie. When I tried to backup it asks for a .bin file. I have no clue where to find this file and how to back it up. So, I need help with this first. When I click backup and start it pops open a “save as” box. Where do I find the file and how do I complete the backup?

After the backup I have no idea what to use to reflash. None of the tools listed in the stickies have any instructions. Where can I find step by step, line by line, instructions for the tools?

I’m hoping someone can help me do this.




This seems to be a fairly common problem with these LiteOn drives. I was hoping there would be a few people on this forum that had the technical know-how to help me out, but I guess not.

Does anyone know of a forum that addresses technical issues such as I described?