Only read this if you're from the UK

Can someone give me a link to a uk site that would sell those car cigarette plugs joint onto a english 3 pin plug socket, u know the type you’d get in doors?
I heard something about needing a Step-Up Transformer.
Does ne 1 know what i mean or where to get them from?
I was after the cigarette lighter cable to plug into the car that goes into a step up transformer converting it to 240 Volts. In order to plug equipment in in the car you see…

How do i do it?
What do i need?
What’s the site for it?

What is it you want to power? Keep in mind that you car supply is 12 volts DC and main equipment runs on 240 volts AC - your car wiring won’t be rated for high currents as well - it really comes down to what you want to power off your car.

I’ve no idea where you’d get one, try asking at a garage. It’s a step up transformer as it changes the voltage from 15 Volt or whatever it is to 240. In doing so it will drop the current you can supply so the equipment had best not be a space heater.

Just in Maplin electronics someone i know said he say them there.
I would go on Maplins site but its pissing page caannot be displayed.
Cheers for that then.

Will look more into it on the net unless you could find anything?

Look here on the RS web site - this what your looking for?

RS Stock no: 243-1686

Link above doesn’t work - link to the main site and search for the stock number.

I firgging owe u lott one am extremely grateful for this cheers u lott yeah how the hell did u find it man!!!

isit a battery?
Will still be ok tho wont it? i mean i could plug it into fag socket, then plug say a kettle/toaster/dvd player with tele in if i get a twin plug socket etc?
Runs off the car battery yeah?

isit 240V aswell?
I cant see it saying that anywhere

well truth is dont know much about computers but have been mechanic for very long time…excuse me for butting in…you are asking alot from your car wires…“anything” can be run using the right inverter but i assure you wthout doing alot of research IE wattage and load variances you are asking for huge problems. I have seen many a alternator and wiring harness suffer immeasurably from unqualified people trying to hook up all the stuff in thier house to thier car.

lol ok mate cheers but is 240V AC the same as 330 DC?

the same? well no…
let me check out the specs on your product was just trying to make sure you were being realistic in what you can do!

well dont blame me blame maplin electronics! theyre the people who had it in stock.
There are links above.

Halfords also have something that is a bit better. But to earlberts point - your whole wiring loom in your car was not designed for powering external applicances. If you burn out a wire in the middle of a loom, it will be a right pain in the arse to repair it.

damn what an ARSE

says this:
12V DC to 230V AC, shouldnt it be 240V AC?
I am very grateful 4 all this man keep em coming in, doing a great job.
Cheers 4 all this.

for the same money as a inverter you can get a suite case generator and it will be a lot safer and less hassel than fitting an inverter, plus you`ll need a second battery, split charger, maybe even a new alternator and all the new wiring.

great, now my Mums just made the place have a power cut, im guna have all sorts of trouble now, now for my next question lol. What can power cuts do to the Computer, what probbs would i notice? and can it screw data on the drive up?

listen to ako
this from the guy who tried to play x-box at the grand canyon.
i ende running an extension cord from the bathroom cause i promised my kids they would be having fun!!
generators are much more reliable and safer.

a few weeks ago i had a problem with the power tripin out and i tracked it down to a doddgy extension lead that my daughter was using. fortunetly even though my pc got cut of a few times i haven`t noticed any problems even when i was burning a dvd.