Only Option: Benq DW 1640



hi, im searching for a good drive to make scans on my burned dvds.

i have 2 pioneers, 108d/111d, but they are crap for scans.

i was searching for lite-on and plextor drivers, but I’m in brazil, and we not have such brand for sale here.

but, we have this benq model.

so, the questions:

is is a good scanner? i only want to scan on it…
witch software produce reliable scans on it? cdspeed?

any help appreciated :wink:



then get the DW 1640. This is a very good drive.
For scanning, only CD/DVD Speed will do the job. If you take the results with a grain of salt, you’ll be fine.



Better overall drive than the others anyway, it will work well for testing your Pioneer burns and is a great burner as well. The only time that scanning in a Benq is an issue over a Liteon is that it exaggerates error levels when jitter is quite high (12%+), but Pioneer drives usually burn with good jitter levels so it probably won’t be any issue. My 111D burns have very good jitter levels so it’s been no issue testing discs from my Pioneer.


tnks for the help folks.

i only use taiyo yuden 8x printable media (premium) from supermediastore. so, i guess i will do the job :wink:

i need scanning because some discs came with some dots in media causing high PI spikes (at least in pioneers scans), and cause skip in VERY BAD PLAYERS that we have…

yes, brazil have the worst standalone dvd players in the world. :wink:


up, working nice. :wink: very good scans…

only one thing, after a few secs of scaning in cdspeed, always have a spin-down spin-up, at 0.3G of the disk, causing a spike on PIE. its normal? on dvdinfopro this do not happen.


What firmware version are you using? BSLB is generally considered the best all-around FW for this drive, and will also probably remove your ‘speed dip’ in your tests.


mmm… it has BSRB… can i downgrade? :slight_smile:


Yep, you can downgrade/upgrade to BSLB or any other version :wink:


niiiice… with BSLB the ‘speed dip’ is gone… :wink:

now i have a real scanner :wink:

tnks for the help! :wink: