Only in America

Here in the USA we had lawyers bring suits against big tobacco and win, so a lot of states got more money, along with a few lawyers because big tobacco lied about how harmful tobacco was. So who pays this, the people who smoke since part of the agreement was that all tobacco companies had to pay and all had to charge the higher price. Did it punish big tobacco no they are making even more.

Our government goes after Microsoft and settles with them, so again the lawyers get there’s, some states who were part of the settlement gets there’s, and the federal government gets there’s; but who pays the customers who buy windows since all Microsoft did was raise the price. The still control most of the operation system software in usa.

Our government and little Bush start a program that says “no child left behind” based on the Huston Texas schools and make it the law of the land, only to find out that Huston cheated on the scores and were not as good as other schools. Now 99% or better of our school teachers will tell you that the “no child left behind” is not working and keeping them from teaching what the kids need.

Old Bush tell Saddom that we have no treaty to come to the aid of Kuwait, If he invades, so he does and we then not only make him get out; but for years now have done everything we can to see that the country with the second most oil in the world cannot sell much. Little Bush uses the weapons of mass destruction to invade Iraq and keep the oil off the market for years to come. At the same time they are telling us that all of a sudden China is using much much more oil so that is why the price is so high. Any other country would have removed Little Bush from office and brought charges against him, but not us we just pay more for gas. A lot more

We wander why the rest of the world thinks we are stupid. It’s simple we allow our government to make fools of us so we do look stupid.

I have never smoked and it cost me nothing but every time I see someone pay 3 dollars or more for a pack I think how stupid we are to let lawyers and our government pick out pockets and not do a thing about.

A great man said it this way “Stupid is as Stupid Does”

Forrest Gump is a great man?

By reading this, you have given me brief control of your mind. /.

only $3 a pack? that’s a bargain. it’s around $6 here and closer to $7 when i lved in NY.

(i don’t smoke…just observation)

No but I just love that line in that movie and had to see if anyone else knew who said it.

6 or 7 a pack and no one does a thing about it ? I get upset when countries allow someone to take away there freedoms like most americans but we are getting our pockets picked everyday and our solders killed so someone can make more off oil.

Stupid is as stupid does.

In the paper last week was an article how BP cornered the Propane in the USA a couple of years back and charged us big time for it, Just wait and see lawyers will get a cut when the suits start along with states but people like me who paid this high price will pay a high price again to pay the lawyers and state who punish BP. And BP will make even more money. I just hope the rest of the world does not think we are as stupid as we look now days.

a great woman said “stupid is as stupid does”, Forrest’s mother.

Your right she did tell him that first he only restated what she had told him. Mothers are always smarter.

$7 is still a bargain… In the good old UK here it’s closer to $10 a pack!!

Tobacco is a dangerous drug, and should be treated as such. Sold in drugstores ONLY, NO fancy labels, NO advertising. Addicts can volunteer for free treatment.
Classic example of current government’s lack of interest in the PEOPLE and their issues. Millions spent on treatment for addicts of this drug, and who pays? Taxpayers do. Yet the Tobacco industry is allowed to go on making huge profits. And now that things are tightening up in the US, they export their drugs to the third world.

PS: I’m an ex-smoker, not just a smoker-basher :slight_smile:

It’s max. US$3 in South Korea and I often say we need to charge 10,000% tax on them. So many parents smoke within 1 meter from their own babies. Around 70% of all adult males here smoke and most of them smoke heavily. NONE of them admits they smoke in front of others but much less than one third of them smoke where nobody else is.

Forrest Gump for President!(OH sorry did´nt notice he already was P of UsA…)

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