Only hiss or noise on copied audiocd

I have copied about 600 cd’s with EAC without any trouble, but last week a copied a few cd’s and when I played them I only hear some hiss or noise. I read the files with a Liteon 165 and burned them with a Liteon 24102b. I used Plextor(Taiyo Yuden) cd’s.
Mobo Epox 8RDA+ with AMD 1800XP. Any help please.

Is the noise in the CD or only when played?
I mean, is the silence there when ripped the tracks with the LiteOns or only when played in a domestic reader?

It could be that those CDs can’t be read well because they’re a bit bad… but they’re TY, so I doubt it… probably EAC failed writing. It was not designed for burning and it’s quite limited in this field, but there’s no problem: Feurio supports your drive and cue-sheets.

Have you updated something lately?

I know already. Wrong setting in the reader:o